(H.E.A.L) Is an acronym for Hope Empowerment and Advocacy for the Less privileged. A Non Governmental Organization duly registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant bodies. H.E.A.L is a global vision beaming it's searchlight on Africa and other developing nations. A Foundation committed to excellence and service to humanity. A leverage for the less privilege. H.E.A.L (NIGERIA) is only a chapter of this global initiative domiciled here in Nigeria hence the reference as HEAL NIGERIA.

To empower the less privileged in the society.
To engage in humanitarian services to orphans, widows, the sick and less privileged.
To empower the youth through skill acquisition and workshop.
To establish and administer programs geared towards sustainable human development.
To contribute to poverty alleviation in rural communities in Nigeria through economic empowerment and support of the less privileged.
To initiate programs and projects that add value to target segments of a population with regards to education health and infra structural development.
To associate and collaborate with other organizations whose objectives or programs are in tandem with that of the foundation.



Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it. It is a pity that there is “huge” parading of unemployment in many parts of the world today especially in Nigeria.


Economic empowerment is the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and make it possible to negotiate a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth. Empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities. This enables them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.


Our educational methods include teaching, training, discussion and directed research.


Poverty alleviation also involves improving the living conditions of people who are already poor. Aid, particularly in the medical and scientific areas, is essential in providing better lives, such as the Green Revolution and the eradication of smallpox.
Poverty reduction, poverty relief, or poverty alleviation, is a set of measures, both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.
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